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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money

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Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money

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Style : BEP-20
Symbol : CBC
Supply :1210663803 CBC
Decimal : 8
About Us

Best CBC Platform!

An integrated Smart Staking platform which leads to the development and growth of your financial assets.CBC Network is built to work in governance with the decentralized environment which involves the inputs of the parties and owners directly or indirectly. Powered by USDT, BNB, TRX defines the best in the world of decentralized finances.

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V & M

Vision And Misson


We want to create a financially secure future and fight against financial insecurity by deploying an independent contract on an immutable system


We want to bring world together without any currency barrier and border. We also aim to create a system for passive income where no one is in control and the code does everything automatically on a platform that cannot be hacked or changed”

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CBC TOKEN Is A 100% Community Governed, Decentralized Cryptocurrency That has been Launched In 2022. Our Missions Are Chosen By The Community! They’re My Family And Our Team, They Draw On Expertise From All Around The World And The Goal Is To Make Our Family One Of The Most Creative, Innovative And Largest Cryptocurrency Projects In The Universe.

We Have Created A Defi Protocol, Which Is The Beginning Of Our Defi Ecosystem. This Ecosystem Will Serve As A Central Point For A Host Of Defi Products And Applications That Will Allow Investors To Add To Their Wealth Generating Abilities, Grow Their Portfolios And Experience Defi In A User-friendly System.

As Our Family Grows In Members And Value, It Is Our Priority To Always Give Back To Underserved Communities Around The World. I’m Extremely Proud To Have My Community Participate In The Governance Of My Token, All Initiatives Are Executed Through Expertly Drafted Proposals And A Secure Voting Process, That Ensures The Best Decisions Are Formulated For The Ensured Growth Of The Token. Join One Of The Most Vibrant Crypto Projects You’ll Ever See! A Place Where The Project Starts With You - The Community.

CBC Token

Road Map

Q3 2021
Framing of Idea
Q4 2021
Appoint Team To Development
Q1 2021
Launch of coin and phases
Q1 2021
Sales and marketing campaign
Q2 2021
Smart contract audit and preparation of Blockchain
Q3 2021
Listed On Top Exchanges
Q1 2022
Release of NFT Marketplace and campaigning starts
Q2 2022
Mobile application and Decentralized Wallet like Trust Wallet Development
Q3 2022
Release of Blockchain and Gaming platform.
Project and ideology goes to infinity and Beyond

CBC Team & Investors


25+ years combined experience spanning Internet, Software, Hardware, and Financial Services industries, supporting all operational functions at Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch, Seagate, Adobe, Microsoft and NexTag.


The NOVOMATIC AG Group is one of the largest gaming technology companies in the world with a turnover of around EUR 1.7 billion in 2020. Founded in 1980, the Group has locations in more than 45 countries and exports high-tech gaming equipment to around 90 countries.


Kenetic is a proprietary trading and VC investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain related companies. They have developed technology to facilitate their quantitative trading strategies and offer various digital asset related structured products to counterparts.

GSR, founded in 2013, is a global leader in digital asset trading and market making. We specialize in providing liquidity, risk management strategies and structured products to sophisticated global investors in the digital assets industry.

Perseverance Capital

Perseverance Capital Management is an asset management firm investing in the healthcare and blockchain sector. We establish collaborative partnerships with world-class scientists, clinicians, outstanding entrepreneurs, and management teams. The Los Angeles, California-headquartered firm was founded in 2013.


Our Blog



1What is CBC Token?

CBC Token is a new cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the Blockchain and leisure industries. It is universally adoptable through multi-brand platforms and is built on the BSC blockchain. Our project is being launched with BSC smart contracts in order to be the pioneers of this new stage. Our token has been designed to provide a high utility layer to our CBCEcosystem, to become our exchangeable currency and a rewards tool to give back to our loyal customers.

2 How do I buy CBC TOKEN?

You can purchase CBC TOKEN by going to the Register page on ourwebsite, clicking into the Activation section and selecting Activate Account. You will see your purchased CBC TOKEN amount on your profile

3Where can I read your whitepaper?

You can find our whitepaper on the CBC Network TOKEN home page or by going to

4 How to Participate in the Staking & Referrals Program?

To be able to participate in our Staking & Referrals Program, you mustcreate an account on our website ( and submit your KYC verification. Once it has been approved by our team, you will be Participate!

5 Can I only make one purchase?

It is possible to make multiple purchases during our Staking Program.

6When will I receive my tokens?

CBC TOKEN will send the tokens to your wallet as your payment complete.

7 What can CBC TOKEN be used for?

Our goal with CBC TOKEN is to implement it into the Present and Future Technology industries so that our users can use it in the real world to pay for their activities.Our Use Case outlined in our Whitepaper talks about CBC TOKEN’s uses in more depth, and it includes descriptions of our CBC Marketplace, CBC Swap, Referral program and CBC Club.Overall, our goal is to become the cryptocurrency for everything related to Technology by creating our own blockchain. Check out our Whitepaper on our website homepage:

8 What wallets are best to hold CBC TOKEN?

We have found that wallets such as Metamask or Trust wallet are best for purchasing and holding CBC TOKEN.

9 When will CBC TOKEN be available in exchanges?

Our aim to have CBC TOKEN listed on the main exchanges by Q3 2022